Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Live Scoring provided by CatchStat

Base Entry Team Division 

1 Pangalisa John Domanic378.00
2 Reel Energy Brian Walley370.00
3 Chupacabra Blake Stamper321.00
4 La Brisa Wayne Winter-380.00
5 Edith I Jamie Payne-476.00
**If no qualifying Marlin exceeding the minimum weights are caught, the base-entry money goes to the top three Billfish Release Points teams. If only one team lands qualifying marlin, the second- and third-place team awards will go to the first- and second-place Billfish Release Points teams. If only two teams land qualifying marlin exceeding the minimum weight, then the third-place team award will go to the top Billfish Release Points team.


Team Count 37
Angler Count 204
Billfish Count 95
Black Marlin Count 3
Blue Marlin Count 56
Striped Marlin Count 36
Pacific Sailfish Count 0
Spearfish Count 0
Dolphin Count 0
Wahoo Count 4
Yellowfin Tuna Count 3
Billfish per Team 2.57


TeamAnglerSpeciesBoatedRelease Time
Video Beast of BurdenSteve SpinaStriped Marlin10.14.16 04:21:24
Minerva IIGary MowatStriped Marlin10.14.16 04:02:30
Sea AngelAustin AngelBlue Marlin10.14.16 03:52:00
SamuraiDenny PhilbinStriped Marlin10.14.16 03:28:29
Video Reel QuestDick LandfieldBlue Marlin10.14.16 03:19:33
La BrisaWayne WinterBlue Marlin10.14.16 03:15:43
Image ChupacabraBlake StamperBlue Marlin10.14.16 03:05:14
Video Don LuisJorge TellezStriped Marlin10.14.16 02:59:10
Video Reel QuestPatrick GeeBlue Marlin10.14.16 02:55:51
Video Strictly BusinessStephen McInnisStriped Marlin10.14.16 02:27:59

Base Entry Most Billfish Release Points 

1 Sol Pursuit 3600
2 Expedition 3000
3 Reel Quest 3000
4 Sea Angel 3000
5 Beast of Burden 2300
6 Hooray 1800
7 Rocky Mt. Hooker 1700
8 Team Galati 1200
9 Chupacabra 1000
10 Oh So Rojo 1000

Largest Marlin Jackpot 

1 Chupacabra Blake Stamper321.00
2 Edith I Jamie Payne-476.00